Learning the Alexander Technique

Learn the Alexander TechniqueThe Alexander Technique is most traditionally taught in private one-on-one lessons.

In addition to private lessons, I have also developed ways of teaching constructively outside my studio in my student’s own environments, both individually and in groups.  So you can come to me for private lessons and I can come to you to support your using this work in your life.  After finding out your interests and intentions, we can devise a program that will best suit you.

Learning One-on-one
Private lessons are taught in a hands-on fashion and in a combination of standing, sitting and lying down. Alexander teachers use their hands and words to both gather and convey information about the student’s habitual ways of thinking and moving and new ways of doing so. The touch of an Alexander teacher is non-invasive and educational and most people enjoy their lessons very much. It is possible to have a new, and sometimes surprising, experience of moving in a very short time.By observing how you sit, stand and move, I will tailor each lesson to suit your individual habits and interests. I will guide you to an experience and understanding of your habits around thinking and moving and teach you principles which will enable you to have greater choice and freedom.Learning in a Duo or Trio

Learning in a duo or small group offers both individualized attention and the opportunity to share the process with a friend, family member or colleague – or two! I find that an incredibly fertile and creative learning environment is created when my students share their lessons with a like-minded friend. Over the years I have worked with many duos, including brother-sister, mother-daughter, husband-wife, friends, and even business colleagues. My teaching space can accommodate up to three students at a time, so you are welcome to organize lesson shared among two or three of you. You can expect duo lessons to be 75 minutes and trio lessons to be 90 minutes.

Learning as Part of a Business or Corporate Organisation
Corporate consultations Maintaining a sense of connection and well-being in the workplace can be a challenge.  There are many ways I can help: Workstation evaluations – I can assess the ergonomics of your office and offer practical solutions. Furniture selection – I am happy to offer guidance in the selection of office furniture to support your human resources.Communication – Learn to synchronize your verbal and non-verbal communication to optimize your meeting and negotiation skills.

Education is indisputably the best way to prevent repetitive strain injuries. Learning the Alexander Technique will help you and your whole office to work with ease and increased efficiency.  Consider a combination of private and group classes in the workplace on a regular basis to support the team.

On-site study – Alexander lessons “to go”

On-site study
It can be incredibly helpful to work practically on-site, wherever it is that you are working or playing: on stage, in the practice studio or office, in front of the camera, in the gym or on the field. I am happy to offer my teaching services ‘on the road’ and have extensive experience working in a multitude of environments that range from Broadway stages to corporate offices, from university lecture halls to the New York City Marathon finish line. Prior to working in “real life” it is important to have some basic working knowledge of the Alexander technique principles, so this learning option is best combined with private or small group lessons.

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