Workshop this weekend – 11/15/14

Whew, it’s a long time since I have written here!  Amazing how much Facebook has taken over, out of simplicity, as the way that I share information.

Wanted to let you know I’m teaching a workshop this weekend on the Alexander Technique and Yoga. This is perhaps my favorite intersection of things I love that have had the most profound impact on my life and shaped who I am today.  I would love to share this with you.

Saturday, November 15, 2-4:30 p.m. at Square One Yoga in Emeryville.

Here’s the overview:

Yoga can help undo habitual conditioning on many levels, but sometimes old physical patterning interferes with the asana practice working its magic. Sometimes postural habits create obstacles to free movement and can even cause injury. Discover the answer key that will enable you to undo old habits and move fully into the present. The Alexander technique utilizes anatomical fact, mental awareness, and the human ability to choose consciously, along with the skilled eyes and hands of a teacher, to re-educate the body and mind to work more harmoniously.

The Alexander technique teaches people to move well, with fluidity and ease, and specifically addresses old unconscious habits that interfere with free movement and can cause pain. We are normally unaware of our habitual movement patterns, acquired over years, and by the time they result in discomfort, pain or injury they are so ingrained that their absence can be confounding.

In this workshop we will work individually and as a group to investigate some of the most common habits that interfere with free and easy movement. Suitable for people with or without injuries, experienced yoga practitioners or those new to the practice. Come with a sense of curiosity and interest and leave feeling lighter, easier, and more present.

The principles of the Alexander technique are applicable to literally any activity, so what you learn in this introductory workshop will be transferable to the activities in your life off the mat.

Register here:

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