Traveling in June…

I can’t believe it’s almost time to turn the page of the calendar… and get out my trusty suitcase.  I can’t remember the last time I didn’t travel in June!

I’ll be teaching private Alexander lessons and yoga classes in Rochester, NY from June 17-19 and in New York City from June 30-July 3.  Drop us a line if you’d like to find out more or if you’re interested in getting on the schedule!

In between I’ll be at the annual Eyebody retreat, which I’ve organized for the past twelve years.  I can’t possibly say enough good things about this retreat: if you’re even remotely interested in eyesight or vision, struggling with your own eyes, feeling stuck in your life, having a situation in your body, or just looking to kick it in the Catskills with an always interesting group, hit me up for more info.  There is still space left.  This event happens only once a year and it is truly life altering for many, many people.  I first attended in 2001 and, much to my surprise, it wound up being one of the most transformative things I have ever done

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