Ohhhhhh Alicia…

Alicia Keys… I love you.  Your rendition of the National Anthem before the Super Bowl tonight, which, as anyone who has ever sung it knows is a singer’s song, your rendition was beautiful, Alicia Keys.  I really dug the blue notes you added on the piano.  Tasteful, personal, appropriate, and artistic.

Alicia, I remain very concerned about your use of yourself, dear one.  Your voice is sounding pretty good but all the voice teachers in the crowd are hearing that rasp that only increases with time and makes it such that in a decade you’ll be sounding like Joe Cocker.  Love him, but you’ve got such different gifts than Joe Cocker, you know?  Let me copy a video here and point a couple of things out to you in plain English.


As you first start to sing, see how the back of your neck slowly but surely starts to get smaller?  Like your lovely hairdo gets closer to your shoulder blades.  This is how it starts.  But you’re keeping it together.  You’re prepared for that first big leap, and we don’t get to see you do it in this video, but you’re sounding good, girl!

The part that really tells a story is when you’re getting close to the big ending – around 2:20 on this video.  The camera shot is perfect for an Alexander Teacher like myself… what we see looks like there’s a giant but invisible weight on top of your head that with each note presses down with the weight of the world, causing your neck to shorten and your whole spine to collapse with each precious note.  It’s like that invisible weight is what’s making you sing.  Do you see it?  Beloved Alicia Keys, you are not doing your back any favors with that move, nor are you working that voice in a way that’s going to have my son listening to you sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl when he’s old enough to drink.  At this rate that invisible weight will have sucked all the life out of your voice and out of your spine and you’ll be reduced to sitting next to Simon Cowell.

Call me, will you? Or email, text, FB… we could even LinkIn, whatever’s clever.  I can really help you with that invisible weight.  You’ll like it.  You’ll love not having it on you anymore.


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