New Alexander class starting tomorrow!



The Alexander Technique for Moms (and babies!)

Reconnect with your body after birth, be with your baby without back pain,
and convey ease to your baby with your touch.Learn practical, awareness-based self-care tools to make your life easier
and more comfortable.  The physical demands of pregnancy and childbirth
combined with the rigors of new motherhood can add up to a host of
imbalances, weaknesses, aches and pains.  All these factors at once make
it easy for counterproductive habits to set in and for the smallest daily
tasks to become uncomfortable or even cause injury.  Neck and back pain,
arm, shoulder and wrist trouble, sacrum, hip and pelvis aches in some
combination all seem to be part of the package that comes with a bundle of
joy.The Alexander Technique is a century-old method that teaches us how to let
go of unconscious habits in order for innate coordination to emerge.
Learning to use yourself – your body and the mental processes that direct
it – in a more conscious, constructive way creates a sense of ease, order, and
effortlessness that is available to everyone.  Gentle, subtle hands-on work
corrects distortions and gently leads you out of your ingrained habits so that
something new and innate can arise.In this class for moms (and baby!) we will look at the challenges associated with:

nursing and bottle feeding
picking up and holding your baby
using baby carriers and slings
dealing with sleeplessness and stress

Communicate ease to your baby rather than discomfort.  Baby can sense what
is going on in your body and in fact learns it.  You can transmit calm
instead of overwhelm even as you avoid establishing poor postural and movement

5 TUESDAYS, starting September 11 and ending October 9
12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Bayside Pilates
3868 Howe Street #5
Oakland, CA 94611

class size limited to ensure lots of hands-on work for everyone
Email or call (646) 393-6696 to register

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