Mom and Baby Alexander Classes


I’m really excited about the new session of Alexander Technique for Mamas!  Our class will be held at the stunning new home of Bayside Pilates in the Piedmont Avenue area of Oakland.  Faye Stevenson, our hostess and Alexander Technique enthusiast, is also a mom to a toddler, having taken Alexander class with me last summer.  You are welcome to attend with or without your little one and all ages are welcome – it’s a big tent!

5 Tuesdays, 12:30-2:00 p.m.

September 11-October 9, 2012

As ever, we will be looking at how to use the Alexander technique principles while holding, feeding, wrangling, wearing… you get the picture.  Lots of hands-on work so you can feel better and integrate the learning on all levels.  If you have wrist, hand, neck, back, knee, foot, or other physical symptoms, please come and learn how to move in ways that foster ease rather than pain.  Baby also reaps the benefits right away – the little ones pick up on our ease (or strain!) and make it their own.
Shoot me an email for a more detailed description; time for me to go chase my little guy…

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